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    About PSEN University

    PSEN UNIVERSITY provides multi-week virtual master classes for plastic surgeons to learn and share surgical experiences. Led by recognized surgical experts, these intimate, interactive online classes encourage a "small study group" atmosphere and provide all participants with the opportunity to engage and interact throughout the weekly webinar classes.  PSEN University classes provide the opportunity for more in-depth interaction than a live lecture environment.

    Upcoming 2018 Offerings

    Live Webinar! July 25, 2018:
    Don't Miss The Last One!

    PSEN University: Body Contouring Series - Controversies in Abdominoplasty

    Hosted by: Alan Matarasso, MD
    Guest Speakers:  
    Karol Gutowski, MD Joseph Hunstad, MD Steve Teitlebaum, MD 

    Join us for our series finale!

    PSEN University: Body Contouring Series - Controversies in Abdominoplasty
    is a series of webinars hosted by Alan Matarasso, MD; who presents the hot topics and controversies in abdominoplasty surgery. Topics will include dueling perspectives on DVT and PE prophylaxis in abdominoplasty patients. There will also be a discussion about the use of drains, glue, and progressive tension sutures and their role in seroma prevention. The experts on this webinar series will also discuss strategies for preventing, diagnosing, and managing fluid collection.

    Guest speakers include E. Swanson, MD, C. Pannucci, MD, K. Gutowski, MD and J. Hunstad, MD, S. Teitlebaum, MD.

    The Body Contouring Series: Controversies in Abdominoplasty includes the following schedule:
    • 7 p.m. CDT, June 20: DVT Treatment Using Prophylaxis Part 1, featuring Eric Swanson, MD
    • 7 p.m. CDT, July 10: DVT Treatment Using Prophylaxis Part 2, featuring Chris Pannucci, MD
    • 7 p.m. CDT, July 25: Point/Counterpoint Drain vs. Non-Drain, featuring Karol Gutowski, MD, Steve Teitlebaum, MD, and Joseph Hunstad, MD.

    Join us for the final part of the series!

    July 25, 2018 @ 7pm CDT

    In our series finale, there will be a point counterpoint discussion with some of the most respected surgeons in the field, who will share their views on a controversial Drain vs No Drain topic. Our featured speakers Karol Gutowski, MD, Steve Teitlebaum, MD, and Joseph Hunstad, MD will provide indept analysis and findings on the uses of Drains and No Drains. Don't miss this live event!

    In case you missed it, included in this course:
    Parts 1 and 2 of the series featuring Eric Swanson, MD and Chris Pannucci, MD

    Included in your course is the first two webinar recordings in this series where Dr. Swanson presents a strong case for his research and findings in the prevention of DVT in Abdominoplasty Surgery. In the the second part of the series, Dr. Chistopher Pannucci presents a strong counterpoint based on his research and findings in the prevention of DVT. 

    These videos are a must watch, view for yourself today!

    On July 25th 2018, Join us for our series finale!
    • 7 p.m. CDT, July 25: Point/Counterpoint Drain vs. Non-Drain, featuring Karol Gutowski, MD, Steve Teitlebaum, MD, and Joseph Hunstad, MD.

    All PSEN University webinars begin promptly at 7pm CDT, with an opportunity to engage in a live Q&A with the instructors. Sign up now to reserve your spot!
    (Recordings of the live sessions will be available to attendees the following day and can be accessed for 3 years.)



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    PSEN University: Body Contouring Series - Controversies in Abdominoplasty  


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    Also available now!

    PSEN University: Aesthetic Surgery for Men - Module 2 (Facelift)

    Presented by Richard Greco, MD

    In this course Dr. Richard Greco presents techniques to incorporate the total approach of Male Facial Rejuvenation to meet your patient's needs.  Many individuals are focused on individual areas and short recoveries.  Also, on the recorded webinar, Dr. Greco discusses the more complete procedures that was peformed on Dr. Keith Jeffords who was the patient in the surgical video footage.

    PSEN University: Basics of Medical Coding (Bundle)

    Great Value on eLearning Courses

    This PSEN University course is a series of eLearning modules designed to illustrate the various scenarios where plastic surgeons perform services and how to correctly code the billing for each of those services performed. This course was developed exclusively for those who code for plastic surgery, and gives an introductory level of understanding of the many topics discussed in the annual coding workshop. In total this enduring material contains a total of nine eLearning courses.

    Courses include:

    • Introduction to Medical Terminology
    • Breast Surgery and Reconstruction Overview
    • Breast Reconstruction - Reconstruction Flaps
    • Tissue Transfer, Flaps and Grafts
    • Breast Surgery Revisions
    • Fraud and Waste
    • Global Surgery
    • Laceration and Wound Repair
    • Wound Care and Debridement
  • Coming Soon...

    PSEN University Sessions:

    Gender Affirming Surgeries 201 Webinar (Coming August 2018)
    Loren Schechter, MD

    Virtual Surgical Planning
    Coming Soon!

    Ab Wall Reconstruction Webinar Series (Coming August 2018)
    Jeffrey Janis, MD

    Rhinoplasty (Coming November 2018)

  • Upcoming PSEN University Topics

    Planning is currently underway for the Spring/Summer sessions of PSEN University.

    Courses will cover topics on Dermal Fillers, Fat Injection, and the Surgical Treatment of Migraines.

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